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Update 1 - From Reunion Committee (March 2020)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Question 1:  Can I bring a mate that hasn't served in 104 Sig Sqn or RASigs?

Answer:  Yes if you have to!

Question 2:  I was in 104 Sig Sqn/RASigs but never served overseas?

Answer:   No problem you are most welcome.

Question 3:  My wife is a diabetic and has special meal requirement?

Answer:  Twin Towns Club will prepare special meals.  Please provide details via registration comments or to a committee member.

Question 4:  I don't have a cheque account and do online banking?

Answer:  No problems.  Go to your local post office and arrange a postal note made out to "104 Signal Squadron Reunion".  Still got a payment issue then contact a committee member for assistance.

Question 5:  My wife and I would love to come but cannot attend all functions?

Answer:  No problems.  Please contact a committee member to assist with your registration and provide pricing.

Question 6:  What is the dress requirements for the reunion?

Answer:  As per the Twin Town Services Club requirements  - Casual and clean attire.  Footwear must be worn.  Medals are an option and ideally should be worn at the memorial service.

Question 7:   If I pay early to help with the reunion setup, but find out later I cannot attend, can I get a refund?

Answer:   Yes providing you advise us by COB 12th July 2021. 


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